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10 reasons to book on WorldBy.Com

1 – No hidden Costs, and you pay at the hotel
How many times you have started an online purchase of 100 USD and ended up, after 3 or 4 very tiring steps, to face a higher cost, but “who cares, I spent too much time to get at this last step, so I’ll buy it anyway”?

This does not happen with WorldBy.Com: the 1st price you’ll see is “all taxes and fees included”, and will never change from the moment you saw it on our sites until the moment you’ll pay that price at the hotel reception. As we do not handle any payments or pre-payments: you pay only to and at the hotel. (back to top)

2 – Best Price Guarantee
If you find a better rate within 24 hours from the reservation, we will refund you the higher price spent on our sites*.

How can we be so sure about having the lowest rates online? Because we contract every hotel directly without any other intermediary between you and the hotels, and because we are a “low cost travel agency” as our cost to hotels is two or even three times less than any big player on the market.(back to top)

3 – Direct Contact “Traveller >>> Hotel”
On WorldBy.Com’s websites you can “Instant-book” your stay or (and) receive a personal assistance by “conversing” directly with the Hotel staff asking any question via e-mail before reserving a stay.

And, if the hotel takes too long to reply, we’ll follow-up your request for you, and make sure you’ll get an answer within 24 Hours.

Therefore, contacting the hotels through WorldBy.Com can significantly reduce the hotel’s response time. (back to top)

4 – Traveller’s Satisfaction Monitoring
We constantly monitor the satisfaction of our travellers by asking them to fill a customer satisfaction forms every time they checkout from the hotel. We collect several hundred thousand opinions that are very useful to closely monitor the quality of the hotel catalogue we are offering you.

Although we have in mind to publish online those travellers reviews in the very near future, we use the travellers reviews not as a marketing tool but mainly to keep the catalogue “clean” from bad-satisfaction hotels.

Beware of those websites that are publishing travellers’ reviews only as a marketing tool, but where bad reviews have never had the power to exclude those hotels from their catalogue! (back to top)

5 – Richest Descriptions and Photo Galleries of the Web
The beauty of the Web is that we can see and know more about hotels: travellers deserve to be more informed before reserving a hotel stay. Being able to reserve a hotel from home cannot be the only progress brought by the Internet era.

Out of more than 6,000 Hotels published online, we have an average of 38 photographs per hotel (January 2007 figures) as we personally take photographs, in most of the cases. We even publish photographs of the bathrooms: our pictures are professional, but they are not “staged” as we aim to display descriptive photographs*.

Our policy is also to describe each property in as much detail as possible. Each property has its own web site of 10 pages full of detailed information: ranging from the history of the estate to the name of the nearest bus stop.(back to top)

6 – Selected Hotels
We visit and assess almost every hotel we publish online. Although this will not represent a guarantee of satisfaction*, it will significantly lower the risk of a bad traveller experience.

Beware of the hotel reservation websites that do not even visit the hotels they offer online: even if they say they “select” their hotels or they publish travellers’ reviews, the selection might have been done only after travellers’ bad experiences.

And you don’t want to be that traveller who had the bad experience but contributed to select their catalogue. You must demand more from your travel agent and ask for his hotel selection to happen **before** your stay, not after. (back to top)

7 – Reserve a hotel with only 3 clicks
Do we look like to be too much focused on a “hand-made” slow-type of clientele, not appropriate for a busy businessman? Wrong!

If you are in a hurry, use our websites: you can hold a hotel reservation voucher in your hands after literally 3 clicks.

Try other websites to see if they can offer such an immediate quick and easy-to-use booking system. (back to top)

8 – Personal and customized Travel Assistance
If you have a very specific need (a wedding to organize, a big group or a very delicate and important stay) you can drop us an email and we’ll help you with a customized advice. You’ll be assigned to one of our Personal Travel Assistants who will help you through the whole reservation process to make sure you will have the best possible hotel stay experience. (back to top)
9 – Non-Conventional Accommodation
Along with large hotel chains, we also feature a lot of small independent Hotels, B&B, Villas, Apartments, Castles, Farmhouses, Boat Houses, Chalet etc.

Large chains hotels represent only a very limited part of the hotel market, specially in the European Continent.

Check yourself how many Villas or Farmhouses or Castles we offer on Tuscany, or how many Bed & Breakfast we offer in Amsterdam.

If you don’t offer villas in Tuscany or B&B in Amsterdam, you can offer only a very limited amount of the available accommodation solutions in those areas. (back to top)

10 – Live Traveller’s Assistance (Online Chat)
From 9AM up to 11PM (European Central Time), 365 days a year, you can converse live with a Traveller’s Assistant by online-chatting with us.

Our agents will be able to suggest the best accommodation solutions even for very specific needs, in real time. (back to top)

Legal Disclaimer
WorldBy.Com S.p.A. (WorldBy.Com) acts only as agent, assumes no liability for accommodation arrangements and cannot be held responsible for actions or omissions of the accommodation providers.

WorldBy.Com S.p.A. is not part of the contract between guest and accommodation provider.

WorldBy.Com does not verify, endorse, or otherwise vouch for the contents published on the individual websites of any of the Accommodation Providers (including, but not limited to, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Villas, Farmhouses etc.) or Travel-Related Resoruces (including, but not limited to, Restaurants, Typical Producers, Event Organizers etc.) hosted on WorldBy.Com’s websites.

* When we have personally taken Photographs at the hotels, the hotel owners decide what rooms we have to take picture at, the best period to take pictures, etc. Although our pictures are not staged, we cannot be held liable and we cannot verify, endorse, or otherwise vouch for the contents published on the individual websites of any of the accommodation providers.

For instance, if we take pictures of a perfectly cut grass in front of a Villa and then the Villa owner leaves the garden and grass abandoned for 1 year and the grass grows at a “forest” level, how can we be held liable of our very clean picture taken one year ago…

Price Guarantee: If you find a better rate within 24 hours from the reservation, for the same room, same period, same treatment, same type of payment and cancellation policy, we will refund you the higher price spent on our sites. Please note that you can sometimes find better prices than ours but they are usually for non refurbished versions of the room you reserved with us, they usually exclude hidden fees that you’ll discover only when you’ll put your credit card online, or they will have full prepayments or very rigid payment and/or cancellation policies, much more rigid than ours. In those cases we are clearly not offering the same thing.